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    Poems by Ashanti Anderson

    Black River Chapbook Competition Winner

    Black Under layers outward perception with internal truth to offer an almost-telescopic examination of the redundancies—and incongruences—of marginalization and hypervisibility. Anderson torques the contradictions of oppression, giving her speakers the breathing room to discover their own agency. In these pages, declarations are reclamations, and joy is not an aspiration but a birthright.


    Read reviews of Black Under in Tupelo Quarterly and MADDBLACKREADS.



    Ashanti Anderson (they/them) is a Black Queer Disabled poet, screenwriter, playwright, and occasional essayist. Their debut short poetry collection, Black Under, is the winner of the Spring 2020 Black River Chapbook Competition at Black Lawrence Press. Their poems have appeared in World Literature Today, POETRY magazine, and elsewhere in print and on the web.


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    Deep Nostalgia (audio available)

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