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    All poetry consultations include overarching/thematic feedback, line edit suggestions, and response to any specific questions or concerns you submit with your manuscript. Written feedback will be delivered within 30 days. LIVE FEEDBACK: After reviewing your manuscript, Ashanti will discuss your work with you over a 30-minute phone call.


    If you are interested in receiving a consultation, please contact Ashanti with details about your project.




    I am most interested in “the speaker”, the voice communicating with the reader. The speaker constructs the world, orients us, and shapes our understanding and interpretation of the events that occur in the piece. By listening to the speaker, the work will tell us how it desires to appear in the world.


    As your reader, I’ll offer my perspective on how the work communicates with me conceptually, emotionally, and physically, and note any patterns, rules, or inconsistencies I notice. This is done to coax out what the piece wants for itself. That intel can be used to manipulate pacing, form, narrative, and other elements. Listening to the speaker prevents us from overworking the piece or taking it in a direction that is disingenuous to the work. Intentionally shaping the speaker allows each piece to reach its fullest potential.


    I'm excited to get to know the voice(s) speaking through your piece, firstly as a reader. I love to read work voiced by speakers who have their own way of looking at the world, or way of commenting on it. I revel in the idiosyncrasies, and enjoy helping to bring them out in others' work. Let's work together to cultivate writing which fully expresses itself, on its own terms.